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Padlock's Paddock

A little story about my lovely boy above Padlock was a gorgeous German Shepherd despite socialising him right from a puppy at 18 months old he was attacked.


From that day on he never would happily share the world when out on walks. As I had the land he enjoyed his 9 years with us at home, happily running around our fields with the horses and his little dogs at home.

Running a rescue costs! So once the field was safely secure we decided to open up the fields for other dogs to enjoy as I understand the frustration of trying to walk a reactive dog, worrying what you may meet around the corner when out walking.


So a name for the fields was easy - Padlock's Paddock. I am sure he is happy to look down and see others enjoying his paddock :)


"I’ve been to a few different fields but this one is by far the best. 3 different areas to use and all safe and secure and my spaniels particularly loved the wooded area. Highly recommend to everyone but wear wellies in the autumn/winter. The owner is the most lovely woman and very helpful and friendly."

"Had a fantastic time at Padlocks Paddock. Secure parking, dry walkway and well maintained enclosures!

Merlin really enjoyed his romp in the big field and it was lovely to introduce him to some sturdy agility equipment.

Tracie was helpful when I managed to get the entrance directions wrong, and was there to help less than five mins from being called!

Will definitely be coming back to give the big pup a good work out and train in an open space!"


"Padlocks Paddock is a truly amazing place you have 3 sections to take them in . I have two Irish Setters boarding and this place is an absolute gem . Will be continuing to use Padlocks Paddock for the younger dogs to practice recall."

"Safe and secure with lots to do in 2 fields plus a wood. Lovely owners. Really enjoyed our time although it was wet he really didn't need the boat! Will be back soon. "

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