All potential adopters are required to complete an adoption application, this can be done online. The form is below, please keep reading and scrolling down. 

Once all applications are reviewed, we will get in touch with you to schedule a phone interview to go over your application and our adoption procedures. You may be contacted via email, so please keep an eye on your inbox, junk, and spam folders. Please know that we will reach out to you as soon as possible, but it can take up to 7 days depending on the volume of applications we are receiving. Please be patient with us.

After the phone interview, we will set up a time for one of our volunteers to conduct a home visit. This is to ensure that your home is a safe environment for a dog and is the final step in the approval process. (Due to COVID-19 this is now being done via WhatsApp video so please be ready with this).  We need to see your front of house leading up to door through downstairs and into garden please go slowly and show full fencing from bottom up if you have hedges we need to know there are no gaps behind these and will ask for confirmation.

Once your application is approved, the adoption coordinator will discuss either the dog you have shown interest in or a suitable match.  Because we want each dog to go to the right forever home, it is not guaranteed that you will be approved for the dog for which you applied. In this case, we will work with you so that the right match is made for everyone involved.

At times there will be a waiting list for a new furry family member. While this is a great thing for rescues, we do understand it can be frustrating for adopters. Please be patient and keep in mind that we work very hard to save the lives of these precious souls and with your help we can give so many a second chance at life.

Please note:

Our Terms and Conditions 

We will ask for a £100.00 deposit to reserve you chosen/matched dog, a meet and greet is then arranged when the dogs have arrived and settled into our kennels, if you change your mind please  note this is non-refundable! 


Our Adoption Fee is £575.00 as from 01.01.2022 - costs have gone up significantly as a result of Brexit, Vet Fees, and Tests we conduct in Romania  and this is reflected in our current fee.



What we cover to get the pet to the UK 

    1.     Brucellosis Testing  -  Blood Test to test before travel 

    2.   Snap4DX Testing        

                               Snap 4DX Heartworm Testing | Testing for Tick-Borne Disease | Elmhurst Animal Care Center, Elmhurst, IL

​      3.     Core Vaccines                    2 Nobivac DHPPi + Lepto either 2 

                                                               KC if available at time but not guaranteed 

​       4.     Treatments                         Worming Treatments & Flea Treatments 


       5.      Transport                            Transport from Romania to UK of Defra 

                                                                        licenced transport 



 Upon Arrival into the UK every dog entering No Boundaries Dog Rescue has to stay under defra regulations 48 hours for trace purposes, while we are getting to know the dogs they also receive a UK Vet  Check and will have a full examination along with a booster vaccine, flea and worm treatment 

From this Examination we now can offer every pet a Pet Plan 4 WEEKS FREE PET INSURANCE 

Not to mention the time we invest in each dog so that they will make great additions to each adoptive family. Each dog is evaluated to determine the personality they have and whether or not they would be good around children, cats, and other dogs. We do not give any guarantee, as each animal may act differently in a given situation, but we will give you our most honest assessment of each dog’s personality which we have observed while in our care.

Ready to Adopt? Please carry on - the application is below.  PLEASE provide as much information as possible.  We receive a lot of enquiries and the more information you can provide, the better the chance of your being shortlisted:

Please be aware and understand that RESCUE Dogs do not come ready made. They take time and commitment to settle down in new family home this can be weeks or months. They need to make a big adjustment and we ask you to seriously consider this before applying !!!


We take every precaution to ensure the dogs travel to us in good health but every dog has potential to become ill and we urge that potential adopters take out their own insurance as soon as possible after your free 4 weeks runs out~!~ 

Data Protection :

This form will be used and shared only with admin working on behalf of No Boundaries Dog Rescue the information disclosed will not be shared by or disclosed to anyone else and is used only for the purpose of home checking and obtaining relevant information to confirm suitability to adopt a dog through us.

If you are not successful your enquiry and all data will be removed from our database.

Please note that as we use Facebook for promoting our success stories we will upload photos we take of the adopter unless we are told by the adopter that this is not permissible. If we are not told otherwise, it is assumed that this is acceptable to do so. 

We will not disclose, share any of an adopter's personal information or emails or address and is used and stored for life of the dog you have adopted 

We hold a full data protection document which is available upon request.

Application to Adopt a Dog 

What activity/energy levels do you feel you can cope with? (select all that apply)
Rescue dogs (like any dogs) can exhibit a range of behaviours including chewing, jumping, lead agression, fear of men, fear of children, growling, barking, food/toy aggression, separation anxiety. They can also require special diets, long term medication. They can also develop skin conditions, car sickness - all which typically pass with time and training. Please do not continue with this application unless you are prepared to show the commitment needed to overcome these challenges.

Thanks for submitting!
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