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Age or DOB:

About 2 yrs






Collie-type mix

Our rehab girl x

Is there anyone out there willing to give Milly a second chance?  Is there someone who is comfortable around a dog that has shown some behavioural issues, and nipping and biting, and would work to help this lovely dog and bring her on to be a happy adult?   If you are the kind of person who is able to help a dog like this, we would love to talk to you about her.  She is not all bad! Quite the opposite!! She is a super dog and once you earn her trust she will follow you and listen to you and be your good friend.  Milly's good side is that she is a 2-year old Collie mix who loves life, loves to run, explore and play or just sit and watch the world go by.  She can run like the wind or sit quietly and watch nature. She is super alert, smart, and is a wonderful companion to go out and about with.  She loves the car!  A fantastic dog who had a difficult start in life looking for another chance.  She can be left at and does not suffer separation anxiety.  She is house trained, loves the car, loves other dogs and to play play play, and is smart and trainable and could potentially do agility. 
Milly's other side which shows itself from time to time, is that she can unpredictably show stress (usually when she wakes up from a sleep, or when crowded ) and growls, and moves forward and nips.  For this reason there would need to be management in place for her rest periods and overnight sleeping such as a crate, her own sleeping quarters indoors or out.  She would need to go to her own space when visitors come by.  We are seeing this behaviour less as time goes by though and it is hoped in time she will lose her demons and this behaviour will cease. 
We know Milly well as she has been in the rescue centre with us for the last few months where we have been working with her to build her confidence and work out what stresses her and how we can help her overcome her issues. She has  been spayed and her hormones may have been affecting her behaviour. She also has the best time with us though, with people who spend time with her and do training and rehab work with her, and she has the freedom to run in the amazing enclosed wood and paddocks we have at NB rescue centre. She is improving all the time, she now listens and understands what is asked of her and responds well even when under some stress.  Her overall behaviour has improved dramatically which leads us to hope she can find her happy future.

Milly is looking for a special someone who can get to know her with our help, and who is able to understand her behaviour, and how to manage it and help her move forward with her training.  You will get full support and help from the team here.  This girl deserves a good life.  She had a bad start as many do, she was found on the side of the road in Romania as a very young pup, alone.  Who knows what she saw and experienced before she found security with the rescue group.  We will discuss in detail all aspects of this girl to prospective adopter x 
So the kind of home we are looking for for Milly will be:- an adult home, preferably a single person, or couple who are both committed to her equally- an outdoor lifestyle- possibly with a male well-balanced dog- a person with experience around dogs, with training and handling knowledge  - someone who has the ability and compassion to help her
Are you that special person who can give this girl what she needs and a chance at a good life?  Get in touch via our form and we can talk!  THERE IS NO ADOPTION FEE REQUESTED FOR MILLY